Why are we Waiting

Why are we Waiting

I’ve waited throughout my life for something big to happen, like some big breakthrough or someone to love and cherish me forever and ever. And yet you need to have patience for things, people or events to happen to fully appreciate what you have or achieved. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I’ve had to work for every thing I have.

Waiting is a part of life, you can’t wait to finish school, get a job, to get married, to have children. Then you wait for the children to finish their dancing class, soccer and netball practice and you wait for some peace and quite. The waiting doesn’t stop, you wait for the weight to drop off so you can fit into that gorgeous dress that you bought two sizes to small but couldn’t resist. Then you wait for that phone to ring, that taxi to turn up, that all important letter to arrive.

But you know I’ve decided that waiting and the lessons that I have learnt along the way isn’t that bad. because I have learnt that hardwork, perserverence and my life experiences has taught me about love, forgiveness, respect, humility,compassion and comittment. So I’ll just stop waiting and get on with my life and give it my best shot because when something big happens I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it.

Perhaps the best way of using my time wisely is to just do something , anything, so I did. I got out my pen and paper and wrote down a to-do-list of all the things I could do this week. So here’s my list:

  • Get my office organized
  • Start that business course
  • Choose the paint colours for my bedroom
  • Plant those seeds in the seedling trays

Make your own list for the week or for the next month and see how you can make every day count for you.

Let me get my list and put it into action because a list without action is just a waste of time.

Cheers speak soon,


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