Viag Cycle ReviewDid you know that

Viag Cycle ReviewDid you know that

Viag Cycle Review

Did you know that your lifestyle and eating habits may be a large contributing factor to your sexual appetites and performance? Smoking, alcohol consumption and unhealthy diet and exercise have all been linked to decreased sexual performance, including at times Erectile Dysfuntion, also known as ED.

ED is common among men of all ages and in addition to improving your healthy lifestyle habits, there is supplementation that you can add to your routine to help improve your sexual functioning. Viag Cycle claims to be able to help you obtain and sustain an erection throughout your sexual experience.

Let’s take a closer look and see if Viag Cycle has the necessary ingredients to produce sexual stimulation and greater sexual satisfaction.

Does Viag Cycle Produce Claimed Results?

First, let’s take a quick look at the ingredients. Viag Cycle has four active ingredients: two stress relieving relaxing ingredients and two stimulant aphrodisiacs. The relaxing ingredients are St. John’s Wort Powder and Oat Straw, both of which have been proven to relax and distress patients when included in concentrated amounts.

St. John’s Wort Powder is often included in medications for subjects that suffer from ADD and ADHD to relieve anxiety. When used in an ED formula, they will open and relax the blood vessels allowing for greater blood flow in the penis, which produces a proper erection.

Ginseng and Yohimbine Powder are the aphrodisiac, stimulant ingredients included in this formula and work to increase sexual appetite and stimulate blood flow, allowing for an erection to occur. Now, to the primary question, are any of these ingredients concentrated enough to produce the promised results?

Unfortunately, based only on the ingredient list included on the product packaging, it seems that none of these ingredients are enough to produce results. However, since there are no clinical trials, research studies or even consumer reviews available we have no other evidence to draw from to determine whether or not results can be seen.

How Safe is Viag Cycle?

Since we are unsure if Viag Cycle can produce results, we should at least know if it is safe to try out. Unfortunately, because of the lack of any kind of information, consumer reviews and a product website, we have no evidence as to whether or not this product will produce any negative or harmful side-effects.

However, judging by the concentration of the active ingredients, we have a feeling that there will be no effects felt at all.

Additional Information

Viag Cycle received a D grade on more than one review site and we were unable to find any pricing or guarantee information for this product, leaving us nearly completely in the dark as to what this product actually has to offer a consumer.

Our Opinion

We would recommend staying far away from this product. We believe it does not have the ability to produce any kind of promising results and we suggest looking for something that has been better proven to help with the symptoms of ED. There are plenty of other options available that provide additional information and a product satisfaction guarantee.

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