The REAL definition of a beautiful woman. world-healthy-living

The REAL definition of a beautiful woman.  world-healthy-living

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The REAL definition of a beautiful woman.

The REAL definition of a beautiful woman.

There are many definitions of beauty which is much determined by society as a form of “survival of the fitters”.If you asked men what beauty is,they would say that beautiful woman has two characteristic;”happy” and “healthy”.There is no specific mentions about the particular physical characteristic.It is more to inner beauty.isn’t it too simple to definite “what is beauty?”.So don’t you ever think that yourself poorly and wish to be someone else.Just be yourself.Embrace your personal beauty and be happy.Let’s have a look the definition of the beauty deeply.

When we are happy,our brain will let off adrenalin.Automatically,there is a light in our eyes, we walk with full confidence and we have hope for living.These are the natural of reflectors of how and what you feel.Suffice to say,it helps to define what is wearing bright clothes,more focus and give full attention on what we are doing.Remember that happy people attract the other while sad people tend to pull people away.

Being healthy doesn’t mean that we have the sexy body to meet the beauty definition.Looking healthy mean’s having good skin, energetic and confidence.To achieve the healthiness we must eat right,sleep well,exercise regularly and know how to manage the stress.

Multiple studies done by researches consider that beautiful are correlates to how symmetric  the face and body are.Therefore, humans seem to have a natural averaging selection when determining the definition of beauty.

As we going older,we pick up bad habits without notice.This may cause imbalances with our bodies which were symmetric before.However,we can keep our bodies in balance by being aware through stretching and strengthening exercise.

There are a lot of things that we can do to feel happy and healthy in order to determine what is beauty for ourselves.We can make positive changes to these characteristics of beauty;happy and healthy.Set your mind that you are beautiful.You just need to get it out instead wish to be somebody else and looking for a quick fix.