Bios Life

Bios Life 2 was originally studied at Stanford University specifically to lower LDL cholesterol. After intense research on the cholesterol lowering effect of fiber, Bios Life 2 became the only natural product available in America that had two US patents for lowering cholesterol without a prescription. This formulation was based on a matrix of 5 primarily soluble fibers and a Bios Vitamin complex.

As emerging research demonstrated the importance of also improving HDL and triglycerides, Unicity researchers added 3 additional ingredients that further improved cholesterol—phystosterols, policosanol and our patented chrysanthemum extract. Unicity again showed its commitment to pioneering the advancement of nutritional sciences by securing the patent for this ground breaking formulation called Bios Life C (Cardio) which was released in 2006.

Bios Life Slim

Unicity released the latest generation called Bios Life Slim in 2008 which contains all of the ingredients in Bios Life C plus plant polysaccharides to help people burn fat physiologically. This means that in addition to fat loss, Bios Life Slim improves lipids, stabilizes blood sugar and provides all of the heart health benefits of Bios Life C.

In open-label pilot studies, people using Slim lowered their BMI, decreased body fat composition, decreased insulin levels, decreased leptin levels and reduced their waist circumferences by an average of two inches over ninety days.

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Unicity offers more than 120 health and wellness products that meet the exacting standards of physicians and accredited health practitioners. Our unique, patented and clinically proven products have been extensively tested and researched, with the results published in major, peer reviewed medical and scientific journals.

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The Bios Life Franchise is revolutionary in the franchise industry. It offers people from all backgrounds an opportunity to take control of their financial futures and start their own franchise working part-time with minimal investment.

Unlike most franchises that require significant start-up capital, ongoing overhead, and high fixed costs, a Bios Life Franchise is extremely affordable and provides multiple options to start your business - at a growth pace and financial commitment that is right for you.

Successful Bios Life Franchise Owners include people who are interested in earning an extra $500 a month working part-time, as well as entreprenuers and serious business people who want to quickly add to, or even replace their current income. Both business people and medical professionals, including many prominent physicians, share our patented products with people like you and me every day.

Supported by Unicity International, a leader in nutritional science, each Bios Life Franchise Owner is provided everything needed to succeed in building a successful franchise.