Scientifically Formulated by a Doctor

Scientifically Formulated by a Doctor

Entisse is a natural, scientific formula specifically designed for men and women who prefer an all-natural approach to boost sexual performance.

Everyone ''s Talking About It!

Entisse is the only product on the market with patents for L-Arginine absorption, assuring maximum results in sexual performance.

Entisse topical cream for Him and Her is:

• 100% Natural and Compatible with Your System-you will never have to worry about side effects or pre-planning. Entisse works

within minutes of application.

• Scientifically formulated by a doctor from Harvard University-Entisse''s gender-specific formulas are designed to meet the unique

hormonal needs of both men and women.

• Cutting edge-The natural L-Arginine in Entisse is delivered through the skin using a patented TransDermal delivery system to

enhance pleasure and endurance in both men and women. Once it comes into contact with the skin, L-Arginine is converted into

nitric oxide for targeted increased blood flow and heightened stimulation-formulated based on a discovery that won the 1998 Nobel Prize!*


Recommended by Doctors

The source of nitric oxide

Nitric oxide turns on an important enzyme which produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This compound then relaxes the smooth muscle of the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the tissue. The result, in the case of application of L-Arginine in Entisse, is the production of a natural and optimal sexual response. Unlike the synthetic "blue pill," which increases cGMP all over the body and leads to some of its side effects, Entisse increases blood flow only in the areas where it is applied.

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Intimacy is at the core of relationships. Entisse enhances Intimacy.

Enhanced Intimacy can:

- Help keep relationships healthy - remember, decreased sexual intimacy leads to one in three breakups.

- Improve "that loving feeling"

- Reduce stress

- Build appreciation

- Improve self-esteem


- "I have been divorced for a few months. I really miss the feelings that you can achieve only through orgasm. Entisse for Her has enabled me to go beyond the boundaries and into a world of pleasure."

Michelle, age 31

- "My husband and I are well beyond the honeymoon stage. Friends told us about Entisse. Now we''re sexually and intimately closer than we''ve been in years. It''s great to rediscover your best, friend."

Linda, age 62

- "My husband and I had not been intimate for months. I am not sure how we got that far apart, but we didn''t know how to get back. My sister gave me some Entisse and made me promise that we would try it. Now we can''t get enough of each other."

Dana, age 39

- "I always thought of myself as a masculine guy and that I didn''t need a sexual aid. My girlfriend talked me into trying Entisse. I didn''t know that I could go that long! I am glad that I let her talk me into it. What a rush!"

Tim, age 42

Medical Testimonials

- "As a gynecologist, I have many patients looking for answers to their issues associated with lack of desire and non-lubrication. I wholeheartedly recommend Entisse."

Dr.Dennis Miller,M.D.OBGYN

- "We doctors--especially gynecologists and urologists see a number of patients with sexual satisfaction issues. I''m inviting you to go fromVenus to a different galaxy, like my husband and I do in the com-pany of Entisse."

Dr.L.Buicke Duran,age 46

Based on the Discovery that won the NOBEL PRIZE
for Physiology and Medicine 1998

Haven ''t You Waited Long Enough?

Entisse Pleasure for her ...because you ''ve waited long enough!

Entisse is a natural cream that can help you claim your birthright of sexual fulfillment. Based on the discovery that won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, Entisse is a scien-tifically proven formula protected by 3 patents.

The Inventor

Dr. Eric T. Fossel&endash;world-renowned bio-scientist:

- Listed in Marquis'' Who''s Who in the World

- Has graduate degrees from Yale (1967) and Harvard University (1970)

- Was a professor/researcher at Harvard Medical School until 1995

- Published over 200 publications and holds numerous patents. Dr. Fossel''s patents* are specific to the transder-mal carrier that allows L-Arginine - the active ingredient - to get into the tissue. Clinical stud-ies indicate that the body''s maximum ability to absorb L-Arginine is the precise concentration found in Entisse. The product is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference, 2001 as Natural AROUSAL™

Patent numbers 6207713,5922332 and 5895658

Entisse ...the real thing


Twenty-Five Questions and Answers About Entisse

"Now Intimacy Can Be Even Better"

1. What led to the discovery of Entisse?

Actually, it was the simple but widespread complaint of cold feet that inspired the formulator of Entisse to research the groundbreaking concept of increasing blood flow in the body.

The formulator of Entisse, a former Harvard chemistry professor, set out to create a preparation that would relieve his wife''s condition of cold hands and feet&emdash;a problem that stems from poor circulation. He knew that nitric oxide is a substance that controls local circulation, and also that L-Arginine is the natural precursor of that substance. He realized that if he could devise a method for allowing the L-Arginine (the active ingredient in Entisse), to pass through the skin, he would be able to help not only his wife, but countless others who suffer from poor blood circulation.

After more than two years of testing various combinations of ingredients, he quickly realized that there were other applications for a cream that would increase blood flow not only to the hands and feet, but also to other specific, targeted areas of the body. He perfected his approach, filed patents and a trademark, and the extraordinary result is Entisse, a revolutionary product that is helping couples all over the world restore and enhance the intimacy and pleasure in their relationships.

2. Essentially, what does Entisse do to the libido?

For many men and women, it is a natural and fulfilling way to restore their sense of sexuality and enhance the intimacy they experience with their partner.

3. What separates Entisse from other products that claim similar benefits?

In recent years, several imitators have entered the market whose products contain L Arginine and purport to have the same effect as Entisse. However, no other product on the market contains the exclusive formula that makes Entisse so effective. Imitators have failed to duplicate this product, either by including too small an amount of the active ingredient or by not understanding the complete methodology used to create Entisse.

4. What is the status of the patents for Entisse?

Three different patents (#6207713, 5922332, and 5895658) have existed for the exclusive formulation of Entisse since 1997. In recent years, unsuccessful imitators have been served letters of Cease and Desist for trying to cash in on this formula, but their products lack the unique formulation of ingredients that makes Entisse so effective.

5. Can you explain the "transdermal delivery system" for which Entisse has patented?

"Transdermal" literally means "able to pass through the skin." In the mid-1990''s it became apparent that nitric oxide could be used to increase the circulation of blood. (In fact, the 1997 Nobel Prize for Chemistry and Medicine was awarded to the scientists who made this discovery.) The active ingredient in Entisse, called L-Arginine, is a natural precursor of nitric oxide. The formulator of Entisse realized this and developed a patented method of delivering L-Arginine through targeted areas of the skin and into the tissue. Once the skin absorbs L-Arginine, enzymes in the tissue convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide. From this point, the nitric oxide dilates, or relaxes, the small blood vessels and increases blood flow in the specific areas where it is applied.

6. What is the major difference between Entisse and the famous little blue pill?

Entisse is a 100-percent natural, topical cream that is applied directly to the areas that can benefit from increased blood flow. "The "blue pill," which is sold by prescription only and therefore requires a doctor''s visit, is ingested and can affect the entire body.

While the "blue pill" has been proven to be very effective at working in the sexual regions of the body, it can also create undesirable side effects that affect other areas of the body. Entisse works by dilating blood vessels and increases blood flow only in the specific areas where it is applied, so it''s a very safe, effective, natural product&emdash;one that is widely available and can be obtained without a doctor''s visit.

7. What about those who say they don''t need it? Can Entisse help people who say they have no problems in their sex life?

As good as the intimacy experience can be, most people would agree that it can always get better. Time and time again, Entisse has proven to fulfill its claim of enhancing the sexual experience regardless of age, ability or gender.

8. Does Entisse produce any side effects?

Because it is totally a natural product and is applied topically, the only known side effect is an instant boost in sexual pleasure.

9. Does it have a taste? If so, how will it affect users?

Entisse has a slightly salty taste. Depending on personal preferences, this can actually enhance the intimacy experience for its users during sexual activity.

10. What are the advantages of Entisse over its competitors?

Entisse is an exclusive product formulated for maximum effectiveness, making it the most potent product on the market, both in terms of the combinations and dosages of ingredients, and the way in which the unique combinations and dosages of ingredients are delivered to specific areas of the skin. The result of this careful formulation is that it produces a very natural and very enjoyable sexual experience that can''t be effectively imitated.

11. Can Entisse be ingested?

Because Entisse is 100 percent natural, it can be ingested without harm. But it is not necessary, and not recommended.

12. Can people ''build up a resistance'' to Entisse if it''s used regularly?

Actually, many people have reported that the more they use this product, the better it works.

13. What do people feel when they apply Entisse? Is there tingling or a warming sensation?

As Entisse increases the blood flow to specific areas of the body, a natural feeling of warmth and desire results. This, combined with the other events that occur during intimacy, create a so-called "tingling" effect due to the increase of blood flow. It is very natural and very pleasant.

14. Is Entisse a panacea for men with erection problems?

Entisse is not a medicine or prescription product. It is a natural product with natural ingredients, and therefore it is not regulated by the FDA. Although Entisse is found to be very effective for both men and women, is not designed for medicinal purposes. Entisse will enhance the sexual experience by creating a greater flow of blood to the specific areas of the body and, in that process, can alleviate difficulties faced by both men and women in achieving full sexual satisfaction.

15. Why does it take effect so quickly?

Entisse works quickly and effectively because of its trans-dermal (through the skin) delivery system. As a result, it''s very reasonable to notice an effect within three to five minutes of application. The ingredients in Entisse assure a safe and rapid passage into the veins, which then receive the blood flow more readily. This quickened flow is the very essence o the enhanced sexual experience.

16. What is the typical reaction of people who use Entisse?

Phenomenal! People are finding new, enhanced dimensions in the relationships with their partners. Heightened sexual pleasure goes a long way in erasing sexual tension in a bond shared by people choosing to be together. Testimonials by many exhilarated customers confirm the necessity and success of Entisse.

17. Can Entisse increase the level of desire or frequency to experience intimacy?

Entisse works on both a physical and a psychological level. In the process of dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to specific areas, an inherent pleasure is also derived, which increases both the desire to repeat the enjoyable experience and the confidence to successfully do so. This synergistic effect, sound for both the mind and body, produces a number of obvious advantages.

18. If I don''t notice an improvement immediately after applying Entisse, what is the likely problem?

Some men with temporary erection problems may wish to apply Entisse more frequently. In general, it is recommended that Entisse be applied once in the morning and once at night, although you may wish to apply this product a few minutes prior to initiating intimacy. However, as with most products, a doctor''s consultation is recommended if you suspect you have a medical problem or think your well-being may be comprised. It is important to realize that Entisse is designed to enhance, rather than fix, the sexual experience.

19. When someone asks, "What is Entisse," what is the short answer?

Entisse is a natural topical cream that is applied to specific areas of the body to increase blood flow and enhance the sexual experience.

20. It is obvious how Entisse can work for man…but how can it work for a woman?

Anytime there is an increased flow of blood in specific areas of the body, there is a cascade of new feelings and reactions. A response that was only so-so before Entisse can become an entirely new adventure. This is one of the greatest benefits of Entisse.

21. Some competitors use menthol in their products. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

Menthol is a de-sensitizing agent and can therefore numb, or "deaden" feelings in the body. That''s why some products, such as Ben-Gay, can be so effective at relaxing muscles and relieving pain. Entisse is free of menthol, allowing maximum sensitivity&emdash;and maximum enjoyment&emdash;to take place.

22. How should I use Entisse?

To get acquainted with its effects and to increase the odds of success, it is recommended that you first rub a small amount into desired areas of the body twice a day at first to acclimate yourself to this product, then increase or decrease this amount until you''re satisfied with the level of targeted blood flow you experience.

23. Does Entisse decrease the time frame required to repeat a sexual encounter?

After an orgasm, there is often a "time-out" period in which the body recovers from the experience and to function again in a sexual way. The directions suggest using the product morning and evening, as well as when there is specific sexual activity. Since the purpose of Entisse is simply to keep increasing the targeted flow of blood in order to perform effectively, the more you use it, the better it works.

24. Is there anyone who shouldn''t use Entisse?

Because Entisse is a natural product with natural ingredients, there should be no restrictions on healthy adults who wish to enhance their intimate experiences. Obviously, children should not take this product.

25. What can I expect when using Entisse?

A more fulfilling intimate experience and a happy existence.