Progene Review“I was in good shape

Progene Review“I was in good shape

Progene Review

“I was in good shape and had been taking other supplements. After switching to Progene for just one week it gave me unbelievable results. I feel energized and confident; like I am 20 years old again.” – Pat V. 54, Brooklyn, NY

How would you like to feel like Pat? Energized? Confident? Like a twenty-year-old? The question really is, who wouldn’t want to feel like Pat? I bet you are all wondering what Pat’s secret is. Well, the answer is Progene. Progene is a 100% all-natural male enhancement product. Male enhancement isn’t meant for just the bedroom. Male enhancement products focus on boosting testosterone production.
As we age, our body’s natural testosterone levels decrease. Male enhancement products can pick up where our bodies have left off. A healthy, balanced testosterone level in you or your man can mean more energy, more sex drive, more confidence, a higher metabolism, a better mood, and the list goes on and on.

What Does Progene Do?

Progene does exactly what is listed above; increases energy, increases sex drive, increases confidence, increases metabolism, improves mood and so on. Progene does this through a powerful list of all natural ingredients. Here are the Progene ingredient highlights:

First off, Oat Straw Extract naturally releases the testosterone storages for the body to use.

Second, Tribulus Terrestris (a popular testosterone increasing ingredient found in a number of health and muscle building supplements) helps “boost the LH hormone that is known to indirectly increase testosterone in the body.”

Third, L-Arginine is an amino acid that boosts testosterone levels and provides the body with a number of other health benefits, including healthy blood circulation and energy.

Finally, sasparilla Root has been known to increase testosterone levels naturally and safely.

Progene – Anything To Be Worried About?

There are a few causes for concern with Progene. Progene does not list the amount of each ingredient shown above. This means that we don’t know if there is enough of each ingredient to actually make a difference. Another concern is that Progene doesn’t list their entire ingredient list. Finally, because Progene is 100% natural, we don’t know if this product will be potent enough to make a difference.

Would We Recommend Progene?

Because of Progene’s secrecy with ingredients and ingredient amounts, we would not recommend this product. Progene is only 200 mg per serving and supposedly there are almost 20 ingredients total. This leads us to believe that Progene only contains a small amount of each ingredient and adds in a little bit of popular ingredients for advertising purposes. We aren’t saying that this is exactly what Progene is doing, but it is a possibility. Our opinion may change if we were able to see the entire ingredient list and each ingredients amount in Progene.

To conclude, we would not recommend Progene as a male enhancement product. We do, however, encourage you to continue searching for a quality male enhancement product that is upfront with exactly what you’re getting for your money. Look around the site to see some quality products we suggest.

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