Penis pills or exercises – How to get a bigger penis?

Penis pills or exercises – How to get a bigger penis?

Most men have a problem with their penis size. Even if they have a penis that is above the average size, they still want a bigger penis. This thinking stems from the belief that the bigger it is, the better it is for women. In your search for penis pills that help you get a bigger tool, you must have come across many products that promise you the moon. But, can you really trust such products? No, you can’t. Using products that you know little or anything about might lead to certain health risks.

This is where penis enlargement exercises come into the picture. They are natural, safe and most men have experienced good results with regular penis exercises.

Kegel exercise or the PC flex

Kegels are commonly recommended exercises for men and women. The great part about these exercises is that they can strengthen your PC muscles and improve the blood circulation to the penis. You can perform them any time of the day, and what’s more nobody around you will realize that you are actually performing Kegels. It’s a simple enough exercise characterized by squeezing and releasing your PC muscle. The tricky part is to identify the right muscle to exercise. It’s a muscle that you use when you are peeing and stop the flow of urine midway. This is the PC muscle and this is the one that you need to exercise.


An exercise that has been used for penis enlargement since ancient times, the primary benefit of jelqing is that it helps improve the girth of your penis. It’s a simple technique and works best when you use a water-based lubricant. Performed with a semi-erect penis, all you need to do is grasp your penis base by making an OK sign with your left hand. You now need to slide your finger towards the head of your penis. What you are essentially doing is using this motion to push the blood. This is the jelqing action. It’s not only simple but very effective as well.

If you perform these exercises regularly, there is no doubt that you will experience a marked improvement in your penis size. The only downside is that results with these exercises may take years to come; this is why most men prefer penis pills. Though not all pills are effective – VigRX pills are an exception. The fact that thousands of men have given rave reviews about VigRX, means these pills are certainly doing something right.