Biomass Biofuels and Biogas

Biomass Biofuels and Biogas

In current years there has been a whole lot of interest in renewable and alternative energy sources. This has seemingly grow to be an even bigger concern inside the wake on the Japanese nuclear crisis, where the nuclear plant at Fukushima was broken by the earthquake and resultant tsunami on March 11th. There is now a real danger that damaging radiation could escape from the site. Men and women have constantly been uncertain of your security of utilizing nuclear energy and such a scare only serves to heighten their concerns. That is why increasingly individuals are looking for options. 1 such alternative would be the use of biofuels.

What are Biofuels?

The term ‘biofuel’ refers to a broad selection of fuels which might be produced from ‘biomass’ (see below). Biofuels are frequently used as an additive in lieu of as a ‘pure’ fuel. Bioethanol is definitely an instance of this. It truly is an alcohol developed by fermenting the sugar components of plant supplies and whilst ethanol can be made use of as a fuel for automobiles in its purest kind, it truly is normally added to petrol to enhance the emissions from the vehicle and boost octane.

Ok, so what exactly is Biomass?

Biomass is actually a renewable power supply. It refers specifically to biomaterials from living organisms and lately living organisms – examples of which are wood, waste and alcohol fuels. There are actually truly numerous distinctive sources of biomass power, so in addition to the three just described, you will discover: garbage and landfill gases. You will find a number of distinctive mechanisms by which biomass can be converted to power:

Thermal Conversion

This involves the use of heat so that you can convert biomass into an alternative chemical kind. There are distinctive types of thermal conversion – two examples of which are torrefaction and pyrolysis.

Chemical Conversion

This can be really just exactly where a range of chemical processes are made use of in an effort to convert biomass to alternative forms.

Biochemical Conversion

This entails harnessing the power of naturally occurring biochemical conversion processes. Microorganisms are employed to break down biomass – Anaerobic Digestion is an example of this.


Biogas is a kind of biofuel that is definitely developed by anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable materials, like biomass. Biodegradable waste can, one example is, be converted to methane – that is a renewable energy supply.

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