Why are slimming exercises not as effective as expected?

Why are slimming exercises not as effective as expected?

Why are slimming exercises not as effective as expected?

Many people have tried exercising to slim down and tone their body, but most ended in failure. If exercising has not enabled you to achieve weight loss and fitness, do not feel discouraged. A serious analysis may reveal a problem in the following areas:

1. Inappropriate choice of activity

An obese person exercising is like a person with normal weight exercising while bearing weights. First of all, this will overburden the knees and ankle joints as they not only have to support a heavier weight, but also withstand a stronger counter acting force from the ground. Under this circumstance, if you choose to do exercises with a high impact force like running, stairs climbing, and mountain climbing, the joints may be injured when they are not able to withstand the excessive force. You may then be forced to stop exercising.

Scholars have pointed out that activities like swimming, long-distance cycling, and long walks while wearing sport shoes with good flexibility, are suitable slimming exercises for people looking to slim down.

2. Not persevering in carrying out slimming exercises as planned

It means that you do slimming exercises by fits and starts. The purpose of doing the exercises is to increase metabolism rate and burn excess fat. During an exercise, a high amount of calories are burned, this is where you will see a higher slimming effect. After exercising, the stronger metabolism rate will last for some time, this is known as the “after effect”. The duration of this “after effect” is quite short, usually no more than a day. If you exercise for 3 days and stop for another 3 days, the subsiding of the “after effect” will lead to a big appetite and excessive eating, offsetting any weight loss effect you may have had. Thus, your effort will come to naught. Therefore, dieters must persevere in doing the slimming exercises.

3. The intensity or the length of the exercise is not enough

Only prolonged exercise (lasting for 40 minutes or more) can result in the utilizing of stored body fat and achieve weight loss. If the length of exercise is too short or the exercise intensity is too low, the reduction of body fat will be ineffective.

4. Do slimming exercises without a proper diet

And you are overeating. When engaging in slimming exercises, your metabolism rate will be very high, hence your appetite may increase. If you think that you need not control your food intake because of the large amount of calories burned during exercise, and you eat as much as you want, then you will offset the calories burned and may even take in too much calories, making it difficult to achieve your goal of slimming. In particular, you have to control the quality and quantity of your dinner, because after 12 midnight your body’s metabolism rate gradually slows. Eating too much at dinnertime will lead to accumulation of body fat.

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