Plant Initiation

Plant Initiation

In this unique, one-on-one experience with Beth, you will be the recipient of her undivided attention and specialized knowledge. You will benefit from exclusive access to her healing, guidance and support as she facilitates your connection with your plant. This day is all about you and it’s all inclusive.

This Is for You if You:

  • Already work with plants but desire to go to the next level
  • Feel drawn to a particular plant for healing but don’t know how to initiate the relationship
  • Feel a sense of urgency about this work
  • Have memories or impressions of being a priestess or healer in past lives and want to remember and reconnect with those talents
  • Want to access your intuitive powers and open lines of communication between you and your higher self and other dimensions
  • Are ready to accomplish a lifetime of healing in a single day
  • Want to change your life and experience of reality so you can be of higher service on the planet

Here’s what the day entails:

  • Opening smudge ceremony, calling in the powers and drawing cards to set the space and intentions for the day ($60 value)
  • Spinal alignment healing treatment ($160 value)
  • Plant dieting and anointing ceremony with tea, essence, oil and fresh plant ($160 value)
  • Travel to a sacred location where you will have time to connect with your plant. You will be given instructions on how to facilitate connection and communication ($100 value)
  • Guided journey with your plant to receive it’s healing gifts ($160 value)
  • Light lunch and tea ($25 value)
  • Greenbreath transformational journey, breathing with your plant ($200 value)
  • Journaling and processing time – art supplies provided ($25 value)
  • Custom flower essence blend to take home ($100 value)

Total value = $1090