Connect with Jack Weinzierl

Connect with Jack Weinzierl

I am an entrepreneur with my MBA and I was in the medical technology business for over 15 years. My wife, Stephanie, is a gifted teacher and we are actively involved in ministry in the greater Dallas area. We have three children under 13 and we love the Lord and want to reflect His goodness in all areas of our lives.

In Service,

Jack Weinzierl, MBA


Here are recommendations from customers and business owners trained and mentored By Jack Weinzierl.

I have known Jack Weinzierl now for four years. Jack’s level of commitment, mentoring, andhelping others has never been exceeded by anyone. I am honored to be on his team!

Phil Orr TX

Jack Weinzierl is one of the most dependable mentors I have come to meet in any business.Whether I am actively working or not, he always stays consistent, providing great marketing ideas, encouragement and support…almost daily!!

Jay Stock Wisconsin

I have never met Jack Weinzierl personally face to face. It truly amazes me how he portrayshimself in his emails and on the phone. You can sense his genuine character of caring by how he talks with you in his emails and over the phone. This makes you want to know more of what he has to offer, not only in his training and mentoring for business, but also what he has to offer from his heart. You can honestly perceive his commitment to help someone is for real. Thank you Jack!

John Beard Kansas

I have a great appreciation in the leadership example that Jack Weinzierl sets. First, as a leader,Jack is willing to serve others. Jack is also willing to share information and to teach others. Ipersonally believe that is another requirement of a good leader. A leader must be willing to promote others and see others grow and become the most that they can be. Thanks Jack for your faithful service.

Duane Schultz TX

I would like to state that I have appreciated Jack Weinzierl’s mentorship and encouragement over the last two months. He has provided me with sound advice and is always available to respond to my questions or general statements. You lead with integrity, which is so important and key in building long-term personal and business relationships.

Arthur Rego Bermuda

Jack Weinzierl is a true Christian mentor. He has helped me immeasurably in the past few weeks.Jack’s support and commitment as a friend and mentor is worthy of praise. I would highly recommend Jack Weinzierl to anyone who is looking for a mentor that cares and is committed to his team. Bless you Jack and thanks again.

Catherine Mc Lean England

I just have to say a big Thank You to Jack Weinzierl for not only introducing me to an awesome opportunity, but in addition to this, pointing me to the most amazing training opportunities I could ever hope for. Jack you are such a fantastic example and leader! I look forward to working with Jack Weinzierl for years to come!

Kathryn Leonard California

This is Teresa Williamson from Yulee, Florida, I must say that Jack Weinzierl has been such an inspiration to me in the start of my business. Jack has been there for me every step of the way. Iam very thankful that I have Jack mentoring me through this wonderful journey. Thank you Jack. God Bless.

Teresa Williamson Florida

Jack Weinzierl has had a great impact on our lives through his ongoing, outstanding example and integrity, personal and professional mentoring, business training, advice, and excellent attitude.We deeply appreciate all that he has shared with us and the many hours of sacrifice he selflessly gives to genuinely help others. Jack Weinzierl sets the mark for what we both shoot for as a Christian professional.

Michael & Lisa Ferrin Florida

Your enthusiasm is endless, every time I hear you speak you are on fire, you are a naturalteacher. Thank God for you brother.

Doc St. Clair MN

Jack Weinzierl is an endless source of free training by either pointing us in the right direction or actually sending us material. He is committed to not only his success but ours, his team and the company he represents. We also appreciate the encouragement – it seems to come just when we need it the most. Jack Weinzierl is not only our business partner but we consider him a very goodfriend.

Todd and Martha Sparks TX

Jack Weinzierl has been my friend, my business partner and my mentor for more than six years.During that time, I have had countless contacts with him by email, by phone, in person at events and as a guest in his home. I have never seen one instance of anything other than insightful, intelligent, enlightened and helpful thoughts and deeds. I know Jack, I know his wife and I know his sons and daughter. I consider Jack Weinzierl to be one of my closest and most trusted friends and mentors. He is a wonderful man, husband, father and an example to all. My life is richer in many ways because of Jack Weinzierl. Thank you Jack.

Michael Bartlett Panama

Jack Weinzierl’s mentoring skills are second to none. He is a great motivational speaker. Every time I have a conference call with Jack, I am re-motivated about the company. Also, I appreciate how available Jack make’s himself to me.

David Stasie Kentucky

The first mentoring help would be that Jack Weinzierl told me to pray about starting a business. Jack personally helped me get setup and operational with several tools my first week. Thanks Jack for your help!

Kimmer Mulonet CT

Thank you Jack Weinzierl for your unwavering commitment towards the mentoring of me and all of the members of our team.

Tony Brown Illinois

What can I say…I’ve been totally floored by the amazingly consistent, selfless, and focused guidance and energy Jack Weinzierl has provided. Thank you for your leadership, but more importantly, for your friendship.

Kevin Lynds Florida

Jack Weinzierl has been, and continues to be, a daily encouragement to me. When we met Jack at the two Conferences we attended in Dallas, we found him to be very personable, who was ready and willing to share his testimony for Jesus Christ. Each phone call; each email just lifts me up and tells me, “Don’t give up, Bob…you can do it”. May God richly bless Jack as he continues serving Him in whatever he does.

In Christ, Bob Gehman

Jack Weinzierl’s assistance has been invaluable since day one. He talked with me personally several times walking me through the set up of my site and has been there to answer all my questions. Being new to the Internet, this has proven to be especially valuable. Jack has the experience and expertise to help me to avoid some of pitfalls in starting a new business and shortening the learning curve. Marketing is the most difficult part to learn and am grateful for Jack’s training and mentoring.

Asa B Collins GA

I have known Jack Weinzierl for at least three years and met him personally in 2006 in Dallas. I have been personally impressed with his Christian testimony and outstanding character. One outstanding characteristic of Jack is that before he directs how to do something, he will go out and do it himself to make sure there are no bugs in it. If there are, he’ll work the bugs out to make sure it works before passing it on. I know of Jack working way into the night to complete a project that he has started. There are certainly are not many men of that caliber and I look up to him greatly even thought I am his senior by many years.

Darrell Martin North Carolina

Jack Weinzierl has been a unique and consistent influence that we have drawn from for years now. His personal example is extraordinary. Jack’s efforts have enabled our vision both on and offline in the areas of posturing, branding, marketing strategy and most importantly the proper mindset in regards to true success. I call him a friend and mentor.

Mike Melvin, Florida

Jack Weinzierl Is not only a “Man of God” but also shares his inspiration, love and is a source of strength & support for small business owners. He really knows how to lift you up when things are down!

Morna McGann/Owner FL

Jack Weinzierl, Founder, of has been a blessing to my life. I so appreciate the inspirational messages and information that he passes on to us through the web site. The caliber of individuals that are attracted to this group is inspiring and provides a great networking opportunity to all Christian business leaders.

Sandy Thurman TX