Chipping Tips – The Putt Chip

Chipping Tips – The Putt Chip

Here is a Chipping Tip to help you deal with a ball that is close to the green but can’t be putted.

This situation arises frequently where you a close enough to the green to consider a putt, but you’ve got too much grass to reliably putt through. This chipping technique may be useful in other cases like ball marks or tufts of grass in the collar between you and the hole that cannot be legally repaired.

The solution to this problem is pretty simple and easy to use…just chip the ball like a putt. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a club that will just carry the ball onto the green and get it rolling as soon as possible. You should practice this with all of your chipping clubs – from 7 iron to lob wedge as each of the clubs will make the ball behave a bit differently.
  • Setup with the ball in the same position you would place it for a putt.
  • When you setup like this you will find that the chipping club will have its heel off the ground and you will be striking the ball off the toe of the club.
  • Make a swing like you were hitting a putt and gently catch the ball towards the toe of the club. It will come out softer and with less spin than a crisply struck chip shot – it’s also a lot less risky from a tight lie as you don’t have to nip the ball perfectly.
  • The back swing should be slightly longer than a putt of the same distance. This of course varies depending on the club.
  • You should see the ball cozy right up to the hole for an easy tap in.

This shot is especially effective from the rough when you have to deal with a slick down hill chip shot since the ball comes out softer. Just be sure you don’t chili-dip it and leave it in the rough, because you’ll have the same shot again!

The next time you go out to practice, put these chipping tips to use and spend a few minutes working on this shot. That way, you’ll be ready to pull it out when the situation calls for it.