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Ads by GoogleThere are 2 ways

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There are 2 ways in which you can lose weight. through dietary control and through working out. It goes without sating that one can lose weight through either one of the above ways when used independently. Through cutting your calories and consuming fewer calories that you require to maintain your weight daily, you can lose weight. but, is it a wise idea to use one of those ways independently? Well, it depends on a persons preference. But i recommend that you compliment them with one another.

Using dietary control and regular working out shall make you lose eight alot faster than using one only. The first thing you should do is you should find out how many kilos you want to lose. After that, calculate your calorie maintenance level and find out your calorie deficit to lose weight. Then plan your meals to contain proteins, good carbohydrates and good fats. At the end, plan your workout routine. Exercise is good for losing weight. not only does it boost the number of calories burnt, but it also keeps us fit and healthy.

Strive to exercise at least five days a week. Do 30 minute sessions. Make sure you do cardio as well as strength training . Cardio will increase your energy while strength training will help you build muscle and give your body a great shape. You don’t have to have gym membership to lose weight. there are good alternatives at home which you can use to exercise. For example, you can substitute an elliptical trainer with running up and down a stair case. I do this 3 days a week. I do 3, ten minute routines up and down the staircase. For an adult weighing in at 200 pounds can burn 400 calories.

Another no cost alternative is jumping rope. This is one of the most effective ways i have used to lose weight and stay healthy. It gets your heart racing and if done for 30 minutes with breaks in between, you can use it to your success also. The same adult above can burn 450 calories doing this routine for 30 minutes. Need dumbbells and barbels. No need to worry. There are a lot of resources around your home you could use to make these. For example, putting jugs of water or directories on either side of a broom stick or any other pole. What i did myself, is that there was a construction nearby and i went to the people there and made friends with them. Then i bought a steel pole and took it to them and told them to make a dumbbell and 2 barbels for me. They turned out well. That was 2 years ago, and i still use them till now. If you have no money to spend on these resources, be creative and use whatever you have around your home.

Other effective exercises for permanent weight loss include lunges, push ups, press-ups, high knee and kick butt routines, jumping jacks, bicycling, running, walking and swimming. After planning all these exercise routines, practice consistency. Do whatever you do this Monday, next Monday….do whatever you did last Tuesday this Tuesday…and so on. This will see you gain energy, lose weight and enjoy the positive benefits of slimming and staying healthy.