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Your Good Health News

Veggies For Weight Loss That Don’t Cause Cancer

What are the best vegetables for weight loss, or as they say nowadays “weight control”?

*To be trendy, which they’re not,

I got to thinking about all the categories for healthy vegetables like; low calorie vegetables, low gi vegetables, high antioxidant veggies, grass, weeds etc.

It worked so well for the fruit and no one has died yet from my advice (that clock is ticking though), so here’s the best vegetables in each category:

High Antioxidant Vegetables

* Eggplant/Aubergine has a rich purple skin that is full of B Vitamins, Vitamin K and Manganese, plus they look like little alien plants that might burst open with a face hugger, so that’s kinda cool.

* Beets/Beetroot have a beautiful dark red hue and are full of antioxidant goodness. *Warning Commies Love These

* Red Chilies are great for a spicy kick and for fight free radicals and hippies.

(Be careful after dealing with hot chilis, if you eye gouge someone, their eyes will burn)

* Red Bell Peppers are a high antioxidant vegetable, they also are cheap, like me.

* Onions are my second favorite member of the Allium family, but are packed with antioxidants and are a great excuse for when you’re crying and need something to blame, though pulling one out in random situations can lead to possible looks of disbelief.

Weight Loss Vegetables

* Chilies make the list again due to their double up of being super low in calories, so you can eat as many as you want, but they also contain capsaicin which can boost your metabolism and your next morning regularity.

* Eggplants also hit the list again, because they are also very low in calories and can be eaten with impunity, but it’s not just me is it, they really do look freaky deaky?

* Cucumber is very low in calories – Eat as much as you like, though eating a whole one raises questions you may not want to answer.


* Spinach is also a low density vegetable and could probably even make the antioxidant vegetables list (known to give you forearm hyperplasia) [Popeye Joke]

* Lettuce is so low in calories that you could eat a whole one and still starve from lack of calories.

(I send lettuce to my friends, so I can say I posted lettuce in the mail) [I really have no joke]

So these are the best vegetables for weight control, antioxidants and general well being. What ever you do don’t eat the skin off a nutmeg, they are mace and can be quite toxic, I know I haven’t brought nutmeg up at all, but don’t do it.

He he he Inception… Some one will try it.

Eat Them Up

My suggestion is to have a couple of these with every meal, especial spinach and chilies as they pack a one-two antioxidant, low calorie punch. Being hit never felt so good.

Eating these high fiber, nutritious ingredients will ensure you obtain many important nutrients into your diet and you manage to stay full and satisfied and every meal, so no late night trips to see the Colonel and his masterful chicken.

Spice It Up

I love the heat and flavor chilies give any meal and use them frequently – I hope you like the heat, because if not, you’re mentally weak.