What is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

What is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

If you ever question a fat person, whether climbing Mount Everest is difficult or reducing weight, he will definitely go with the second option. Almost everybody is looking for the best way to lose weight. Over a billion on this planet are suffering with the obesity. As the search goes on, people come to know a zillion ways to lose weight, without concerning their harmful side effects on their body. Almost every fast weight-loss plan and diet contains the substance of pledge, similar to those of a politician.

best way to lose weight
best way to lose weight

People spend a ton of cash in searching the best way to lose weight and get nothing in return. According to a survey people only in US spend 60 billion bucks annually on weight loss products and literature, so get realized of the fact that losing weight by these products is nothing more than “A fat lie”. There can be a lot of things to remember when it comes to find the best way to lose weight. The fact is that it’s not easy to lose weight in the start, but not impossible. All you need is discipline in every aspect of your life whether it’s eating, sleeping, working or whatever you do. You should be committed and serious about reducing weight. Your love for food must not overcome your determination for losing weight.

As we know that calories get stored in the body by intake of excessive food, first you have to lower down the number of calories you take in a whole day. There are numerous physical activities for burning the fats i.e. start using bicycle instead of car or motorbike, use stairs instead of the lift and most importantly exercise. Here are some best ways to lose weight.


Taking fewer calories doesn’t mean to take a very low calorie diet, as it can lead you to anorexia. A sudden decrease in calories might result in a muscle burn instead of fats. The idea here is to eat less and work more. It is the easiest and the best way to lose fat at the initial stage.


You don’t know, how important is to know your body’s mass index (BMI). Before even getting started for the best way to lose weight, you need to know your BMI. It helps you calculate and know the ideal weight for your body size.


Another exciting and probably the best way to lose weight is to get rid of your old lifestyle. It can prove to be a booster in your weight lose plan for instance, if you are an alcoholic, reducing that would prove to be helpful in reducing weight. Always remember to write down your progress. After attaining some discipline, sign a fitness club or gym.

Moral support by family members and friends is vital in turning your weight loss plan a success story. With people desperately looking for the best way to lose weight, somewhere they lose hope but with support and compassion of their dear ones, they get back on the track without hassles. Moreover, don’t take weight losing as a joke; it takes a lot of tears and sweat and those who successfully achieved it, term it a hard earned milestone in their lives. Reducing weight is not all about burning the fats; it also contains numerous health benefits. It lowers the risk of heart attack and it prevents women from diabetes.


You must have seen several restaurants and hotels decorated in blue color. You gotta believe this; blue color attains the quality of an appetite suppressant. Try using blue plates, dressing in blue while eating and using a blue table sheet. It can prove to be the best way to lose weight for you. Avoid colors like red, orange, and yellow in the dining areas. Researchers have proved their encouraging factor towards eating.


After achieving your desired weight, throw away your old clothes that don’t fit you. Buying whole new wardrobes can prove to be a strong feeling of maintaining your figure.


It has been proved that the less food in front in you will make you eat less- regardless of your hunger stage. Prefer using normal size dinner plates i.e. 10 to 14 inches. Follow the same pattern for liquids. Avoid using oversized coffee cups and 16 ounce glasses and replace them with old age cups and glasses of 6 and 8 ounces respectively. Without any suspect, the best way to lose weight demands a lot of dedication from you.


It is undoubtedly a fact that losing weight is a hard and difficult venture, but the right and the best way to lose weight is to try with the right frame of mind and avoiding the weight loss products. Don’t lose your heart if u fail and remember this quote “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again”

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