What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Breakdowns can happen to one’s vehicle and it usually does when one least expects it. There are certain steps that one can take in order to be prepared for this kind of a situation. The first point to remember is that, one needs to get their vehicle on the side of the road. When one is trying to get their vehicle to a safe point, one could slowly move along when driving on a straight road. The engine might cut out while one is driving in which case one simply needs to steer their car to the side while coasting along.

When in the middle of traffic

There could arise situations when your vehicle dies down due to engine trouble right in the middle of traffic. In that case you need to switch on the emergency lights as told to all incumbents by driving instructors. The hazard lights will alert the rest of the cars on the road of your condition and they will steer away from the site. You also need to call emergency services or seek assistance of the road traffic police who are nearby.

Keeping up visibility

Often one might get stranded in the middle of a highway. In that case it is best to use hazard triangles or flares that usually come in the emergency kit in your vehicle. As hazard lights will drain out your battery power, it is best that you preserve the same for short term usage only. Another hint that driving instructors will offer is to open up the front lid of the vehicle to indicate to others that you are experiencing car trouble. If you are seeking for more driving lessons go to this great site for information.

Calling for help

It is best to start calling for help right away, as soon as you face car problems and have been able to position your vehicle in the best possible way. You could call at the emergency call booths that are placed by the sides of highways or you could call through your mobile and seek assistance at the nearby police station or a service center.

Other points to note

When one has had a roadside emergency, it is best not to panic, but to wait for help to arrive. In case one is unable to reach for help while being inside the vehicle, it is advised that one locks up the vehicle safely while walking away from it to secure assistance. It is best to seek the assistance of road authorities when seeking help for your vehicle. In case one was on their way to a destination that had to be reached in a certain time, it is best that one call in advance to let friends, family members or office colleagues know the situation so that they do not worry or can provide the help that is required.