Using Food as Medicine

Using Food as Medicine

A healthy diet gives us the nutrients we need to keep our bodies in optimal conditions of the flight. In addition, it appears that eating well, you can reduce the risk or even prevent many serious diseases such as cancer...

A healthy diet gives us the nutrients we need to keep our bodies in optimal conditions of the flight. In addition, it appears that eating well, you can reduce the risk or even prevent many serious diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. You should know how to prevent your diet in order to cure or relieve, to get what you plan. • Diets with much beta-carotene (a natural substance in dark yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables found that can be converted into vitamin A) C protects with zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C and C your eyesight degeneration reduce macular degeneration with age, the Macular an organ that we can perceive light.• A diet rich in insoluble fiber (which does not dissolve easily in your digestive system) is moving food efficiently through the intestines and produces bulky stools, mild reduction in the risk of constipation. ? A diet rich in soluble fiber (dissolves readily in the digestive system) helps your body to remove cholesterol that circulates in the blood and prevent clogging of the arteries. This reduces the risk of heart disease poor.• Calcium-rich diet ensures good bone growth early in life and maintains bone density in older people.• Diet that is rich in spices, for instance, makes the membrane along the throat and Chili wet nose and the mucus can flow easily. Some spices like cumin, to prevent oils rich in antioxidants, cancer and other degenerative diseases.• Food and beverages with chemicals to change the mood, such as alcohol, caffeine and phenyl ethylamine (PEA) can have a lift if you feel depressed or facilitate their enthusiasm when they are stressed.The joy of life is that their drugs affordable and much nicer than the expensive drugs and sweet or bitter. Given the choice, people will probably choose to cholesterol oatmeal or cold with chili treatment with drugs that can control increase the risk of liver and kidney damage.Some diets and nutrition is obviously good for the body, feel that no one questions its effectiveness in promoting good health or better. For example, if you had abdominal surgery, you can trust liquid diet C, the broth gelatinous the doctor after the surgery, so you take some food by mouth without your gut.Planning diets can lower the same as that of a drug, but also the blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and reducing body weight.• Low in saturated fat, low cholesterol diet is also known as the first phase of the system and is used for lowering cholesterol. Limit cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg per day and total dietary fat to less than 30 percent of total daily calorie intake. An incentive plan for this ingenious plan is that it is a relatively easy way to lose weight is gradually.• high-fiber improves the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to prevent and cure constipation. For people with pieces ( diverticulitis) in the intestinal wall, a diet rich in fiber reduce the risk of infection. It can also be the pain of spastic colon (sometimes nervous stomach). This scheme is also a good choice to lower your cholesterol levels.• low-salt diet containing foods with low salt content. The salt increases the water level in the tissues of the body and the adoption of this system can reduce water retention.This plan is good for the treatment of high blood pressure, liver disease, long-term heart failure. Most sodium comes from salt, but to also come from other food sources.• Diet rich in potassium is generally used in people who have to take diuretics (medications that increase urine production). Some data also suggest that lower blood pressure slightly.• Low-protein diet may help people with chronic kidney disease or liver disease or a genetic inability to process amino acids. unprocessed amino acids can damage kidneys long term.

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