The Anti Aging Exercise Plan

The Anti Aging Exercise Plan

Doing just one kind of physical activity isn’t going to have an effect on the aging process. Instead of resorting to solutions that are likely to end up futile, get yourself to do varying activities. Besides, this is a more enjoyable way to fight the signs of aging, preserve good health and continue being physically dynamic.

Watching TV all day isn’t going to do the trick. When age finally catches up with you, you’ll gradually become more incapable of doing things you use to love doing. Plan an exercise regimen where you can do strength, aerobic and flexibility activities to stop aging on its tracks.

Strength Training

Delay the aging process by doing a strength workout every now and then. What strength training does is enhance bone density and muscle mass. Lacking exercise results in the loss of muscle tone, where your muscles are less capable in sustaining your bones. You may end up developing constant back pain and a bad posture.

The benefits of strength training include toned muscles, tighter skin, prevention of arthritis and a higher metabolic rate. A raised metabolic rate enables our bodies to burn energy effectively even at rest. Strength training could be done by lifting weights (as in weight training), through resistance training (resisting opposing forces), and isometric training (training requiring no net movement). It is advised to do strength training 2-3 times a week.

Isometric training is good for those who are just starting an exercise program because it is low impact. All you have to do is tighten and loosen your muscles in a repetitive manner.

Aerobic Workout

Slowing down the progression of aging is easy with aerobic training. Because it has more to do with endurance than bursts of power, individuals from any age bracket can do this type of training. Anyone can run, brisk-walk, and do most other types of endurance training.

Aerobic training is also known as cardiovascular training because it aids in the healthy circulation of blood in the body. Healthy circulation helps bring sufficient amounts of oxygen to different parts of the body. It is responsible for your coordinating skills, responsive mechanisms and mental clarity. When blood circulation is weak, you may become easily faint, develop migraines and acquire severe problems like heart disease and dementia.

Benefits of aerobic training are improved endurance, reduced psychological and emotional stress, and lower blood pressure. At least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday is advised.

Flexibility Activities

Anyone who is getting into any type of exercise, be it cardiovascular or strength, needs to do some flexibility workout. This is why you are always told to warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards. Doing a flexibility workout enhances joint, skeletal and muscular health so that you can maximize your physical and mental capabilities.

Benefits of flexibility training include alleviation of joint problems that cause discomfort and wider range of bodily movement. Performing a flexibility exercise for 30 seconds per day can already increase range of movement and improve overall flexibility.

Put together strength, aerobic and flexibility activities and you get the perfect anti aging exercise regimen. Engaging in these activities will give you better endurance, strength, balance and vigor.

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