Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor is an entry level HRM for runners. However, it is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and you can also buy a bike mount if you want to be a tri-athlete.

At A Glance

  • Basic HRM and stopwatch for beginners that want to wear the device while engaging in water sports
  • Uses Polar T31 coded transmitter, which resists any interference from other similar devices
  • The RS100 is supported with a 2-year battery life and priced at $110

If you are thinking about shedding those extra pounds off your body to get in shape and you find running most comfortable way to achieve you goal, then Polar RS100 is for you. It has all the features of a stopwatch and much more. This heart monitor watch can be easily incorporated into your workout program to keep you updated with your average heart beat rate with every stride that you undertake. The Polar RS100 is unisex, simple to use, and comprises all the features a runner requires at an affordable price. The RS100 has specific attributes that other women''s watches usually do not have including interval timers; two zones bound monitors, and a most essential back light.

Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar RS100 HRM

One has to do workouts with enough vigor in order to achieve the goal of total fitness. Running outside of your optimum heart rate zone could have undesirable effects. The RS100 is a wrist watch monitor designed to track your heart beat rate and keep you updated with the intensity of your workouts. This is a simple HRM designed by Polar with additional features like a stopwatch, clock and extra-size digits for effortless glancing. The ''Time'' in Target Zone mode when used along with the Total Exercise Time helps in maintaining efficiency in your workout program.

The Polar RS100 RS100 heart rate monitor displays the heart beat rate in two different modes - one as beats per minute and other in the form of percentage of the highest heart beat rate. The Target Zone can be activated either manually or mechanically depending upon the criteria of age or weight. The device also has an audio visual alarm which helps to keep you on track and alert you whenever you''ve budged away from the targeted zone. Other beneficial features include double time zone, alarm loaded with snooze, and water resistance up to 50 meters.

The RS100 could be a great option for considering when you are working out in groups, where the possibility of cross-talk with other electronic gears is higher. The Polar RS100 heart rate monitor is designed with Polar OwnCode which prevents any interference with other heart monitors.

The Polar RS100 heart rate monitor also embraces many of the usual Polar features including:

  • Polar OwnCal - A basic Polar feature which updates you with the energy expenditure during a single workout along with the accumulated kilocalories all through the workout sessions. You can set your daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie burned. Thus it acts as your workout programmer and aids you in achieving your goal of a well maintained body.
  • Polar OwnZone - an intelligent feature which puts forth an effectivel and secure heat beat rate zone only after considering your current physical state. It steers you along an accurate warm-up exercise session to get on track.

Get your skin wet

Some problems may be caused by dry skin or exercising in the winter. If it''s hot enough the monitor will begin sending your pulse to the heart monitor watch once you start to sweat. If you don''t sweat a lot, some advocate licking the strap before you start exercising, squirt some water between your skin and the strap or you can use a little heart monitor gel.

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