Optimaze your weight loss result during winter season

Optimaze your weight loss result during winter season

Winter is the season for weight loss, but there are many people prefer to stay at home rather than go to the gym. In order to avoid fat breeding over the winter season, it''s important to stay in shape. Here we will discuss few weight loss tips that allow you to easily maintain a good body shape! These exercises can be done at home, office or any other indoor facilities. If you do go to gym few times a week, you can still try these methods to optimize your weight loss result.

1. Friction touches

Friction can help in promoting blood circulation, which increases the skin elasticity, but do you know that by rubbing and flapping your body can also help you lose weight too? The principle of friction is to bring heat to your body and increase your temperature, so it allows you to burn fat and achieve weight loss goals.

With two hands or a soft dry towel, sweep upward from the ankle to the thigh, and then continue move upward to your belly and buttocks. Use one hand to rub your buttocks and other hand rub your belly. Do the left side first, then the right.

2. Beating

Fingers close together start beating rhythmically on your body with appropriate force. This should be done in an order of bottom to top. Be sure not to use your palm surface, tap your body with the concave palm instead. This way will increase the vibration and will not cause any pain. By doing this exercise, you can revitalize your skin elasticity.

3. Walking

Nordic walking is very respected by people in foreign countries, because the exercise intensity of walking is very small and easy to operate. Walk with your upper body upright, the pace should be generally in between 200-280 feet per minute. As long as you can do this for three weeks, you will see the weight loss result.

Remember to replenish water after exercising, drink water after exercising play a supporting role in weight loss. The absorption of water can help speed up the metabolism and electrolytic balance after exercise, so it’s important to drink an appropriate amount of water, preferably mineral sports drink; and vitamin supplement will maintaining good health, since vitamins can be a species level to accelerate fat burning.

4. Stair climbing

Base on sports physician’s determination of stair climbing, Every 3 feets you climb, the calorie consumption is equivalent to walking 90 feets away. Its energy consumption is 10 times more than sitting, 5 times of walking, 1.8 times of running, 2 times of swimming, 1.4 times of time.

Throughout the day, try to stay away from the elevator, and climb the stair instead. You will see very good weight loss result.

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