Nutrients in Food and How They Play Into Your Life!

Nutrients in Food and How They Play Into Your Life!

Nutrients in food are the essential ingredients for life. Nutrients keep all of your bodily function operating properly so you can achieve perfect body health. They work hand in hand with your digestive system to allow your body to receive all of the fuel it needs to make repairs, build, function, and grow.

When I say nutrients, I''m talking the base essentials of food required by your body to run at peak performance. These are the base molecules of the food you eat or drink. Examples of nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Food is anything that you consume, may it be meat, vegetables, fruit, and beverages. Now there is a big difference between good food and bad food.

Bad foods contain extra ingredients that preserve it, make it grow faster, and taste better. They also may contain toxic chemicals that are used to kill pests and bacteria during the growing process. The foods grow with these toxins inside them and transfer to your body through your digestive system.

Nutrients in food can be healthy if they are taken the way they should be. Humans don''t come with an instruction book, and if they did, the book would be hundreds of thousands of pages long. Nutrition is just one chapter of this book. What to eat would be covered by this chapter.

Examples of healthy foods are purified water, lean organic meat (meat that isn''t altered with steroids, antibiotics, or hormones), bread (real bread with no preservatives or additives), organic vegetables (not chemically treated, industrial farmed, or synthesized), organic fruits (not chemically treated, industrial farmed, or synthesized), and nuts (raw, all natural - unsalted, not oil soaked). Anything that is made from these nutrient rich foods is on the safe list. Anything not on this list of food is on the bad list no matter what the label tells you and can harm your body.

The effects of not having nutrients in food won''t happen over night. It may take years to settle in, but when they do, it is very difficult to stop the effects. The effects I''m talking about are out of control weight gain, Type 2 Diabetes, irritable bowl syndrome, high cholesterol, liver problems, sore joints, headaches, muscle deterioration, memory loss, loss of energy, and so many more problems that I can''t list them all here.

Below is a breakdown of nutrients in food, what they are and how they help your body through the digestive system. This will help you better understand why you must eat only good foods and minimize the intake of bad foods.

Learn the importance of carbohydrates and how they energize your body as well as help things keep flowing throughout your digestive system.

Learn the importance of protein and how it helps your body''s healing process.

Learn the different types of fat, what good fats and bad fats are, and how good fat fuels your body as well as prevents diseases.

Learn the importance of vitamins and how your body utilizes them.

Learn the importance of water and salt in your diet.

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