Natural Remedies for Painful Menstruation, Menstrual Cramps Treatment

Natural Remedies for Painful Menstruation, Menstrual Cramps Treatment

Painful menstruation or menstrual cramps are quite common in menstruating women. Medically termed as Dysmenorrhea, painful menstrual cramps are experienced more by the younger women. The symptoms generally subside after pregnancy and with aging. Menstrual cramps can be severe for some women, while many may not experience this at all throughout their fertility period. Painful cramps start few days before the onset of menstruation and subside within 1-2 days of the period. Painful menstruation do not call for any medical intervention unless the pain is severe enough to paralyze the daily activities.


Women suffer varying degrees of pain in the abdominal and pelvic area during the periods that can start few days before the periods. Painful menstruation usually last for one or two days during the periods.

Other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loose motion and dizziness may accompany painful menstruation.


Menstrual cramps result due to the release of the hormone prostaglandins, which helps in the contraction of uterus to shed the endometrial lining. Menstrual cramps are severe at a young age when the uterus starts functioning normally and recedes with aging.

Stress, depression and anxiety are other secondary factors that lead to painful menstruation. Secondary dysmenorrhea can arise due to cysts and fibroids in the uterus and ovaries and other inflammatory pelvic diseases.

Natural Remedies for Painful Menstruation

Menstrual cramps is not an abnormal condition but can be reduced to a great extent through the following natural remedies.

1. Applying heating pads on the lower abdomen help in reducing the pain significantly. One can also apply hot compress with a padded cloth.

2. Herbal tea prepared from the herb Chamomile is also very helpful in reducing menstrual cramps. To a cup of boiling water, add two teaspoonfuls of dried Chamomile powder and keep it for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink it adding little honey or sugar. One can also take this tea few days before the start of the menstruation cycle.

3. Ginger tea prepared from ginger root is also very effective in reducing menstrual cramps. Add few pieces of ginger root in a cup of water and simmer it for ten minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it adding little honey.

4. Make sure that your diet is enriched with calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B. Calcium is highly beneficial in toning the muscles and preventing cramps. Drink few cups of milk during the periods to get relief from the cramps.

5. Magnesium helps in calcium absorption. Nuts, tofu, salmon and green vegetables are rich in magnesium. Include these food items in your daily diet to reduce the pains.

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Menstrual cramps are quite common in menstruating women. Medically termed as Dysmenorrhea, Painful menstruations are experienced more by the younger women.

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Among all the various causes that leads to hemorrhoids, constipation is probably the major cause and one that causes hemorrhoids to recur over and over again. Constipation happens when there is too little bowel movement and the stool is not removed as often as it should be. Because the stool is kept for an extended period of time in the rectum, whatever excess moisture is reabsorbed by the body which causes it to harden even more. The hard stool will then need extra straining in order to be removed from the body. This over straining increases the pressure to the rectal veins which will eventually cause them to swell. At the same time, the hard stool will rub roughly against the anal walls, further weakening it. It is all these factors that will soon cause a hemorrhoid.

Constipation can happen from numerous reasons but the two main reasons for constipation is dehydration and lack of fiber in the diet.

Dehydration prevents the body from releasing any extra moisture in the stool, causing it to be hard and rough. In order to be properly hydrated, drink lots of water each day and eat juicy fruits. Do not consume too much salt as will increase the dehydration in the body. Also avoid consuming alcohol as this too will cause your body to be dehydrated.

Another reason that causes the stool to be dry and hard is keeping it for an extended period of time inside the rectum, allowing extra time for the body to reabosrb back the excess moisture in the stool. The best way to ensure that constipation does not happen is to go when you need to and not to put off nature’s call.

A diet rich in fiber is the ultimate way to prevent constipation. It is extremely simple to increase your fiber intake. All it takes is to slowly increase the amount of fruit, vegetables and whole grains that you consume each day. But when increasing your fiber consumption, remember to also drink lots of water because not taking enough water will make your constipation worst.

Some of the rich sources of fiber include:

1. Whole-grain foods (such as bran cereals) and breads (made with whole wheat grains).

2. Fresh fruits (this includes the skin and pulp).

3. Dried or stewed fruits (such as prunes, raisins and apricots).

4. Root vegetables (such as carrots, turnips and potatoes).

5. Raw or fresh vegetables, such as cabbage. (Lettuce is actually low in fiber.)

Finally, exercise is also the key to preventing constipation. An excellent cardio-vascular exercise will help to stimulate bowel movement. This will encourage your body to remove the stool more frequently, thus ensuring that it is always soft and will not cause over straining.

Preventing constipation is a key essential to your quest for a permanent cure for hemorrhoids. Through a proper hemorrhoids diet and sufficient exercise, your bowel movements will be often and healthy and you will be well on your way to a quick hemorrhoids cure.

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Timothy is passionate about finding natural ways to treat infections and illness, spending hours each day looking for home remedies and alternative treatments and making recommendations of the most effective methods. Visit Quick Hemorrhoids Cure to download a Free copy of his eBook “Your Basic Guide to Effective Hemorrhoids Home Care”.

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If you consider yourself mega obese then you understand how difficult losing weight can be. Here are the 7 most common bad eating habits that you much change so you can lose the weight for good!

1) Drowning Your Food ~ In an effort to make food taste better, are you drowning it in sauces, dressings and fat-filled spreads? Stop! These condiments are loaded with extra calories, salt, fat and sugars. Just a teaspoon of salad dressing contains 90 calories and you know you are using way more than a teaspoon.

2) Eating Too Fast ~ Do you scarf down your meals? When you eat too quickly you do not allow your appetite monitoring hormones to tell you whether you are hungry or if you are full resulting in over eating. Next time you sit down to a meal, put a bite in your mouth and put the fork and knife down. Chew your food very slowly savoring each bite. Stop when you feel satisfied, not when you feel puffed from eating too much. You’ll be surprised how much less you will eat.

3) Eating While Doing Other Things ~ Do you eat your meals in front of the TV or while surfing the internet? This is a big no no. While this allows you to get more things done, it forces your body to take the focus off your fullness indicator. Meals should be scheduled at specific times while sitting at a table. No distractions while eating, please.

4) The Clean Plate Club ~ Are you a member in good standing in the Clean Plate Club? If so, you need to tear up your membership card now! Typically we over fill our plates because we do not understand what a true portion size is. If you are mega obese, over filling your plate and eating every last bite you are consuming tons of extra calories! Start by leaving at least one spoon or fork full of food on your plate every meal. Retrain your brain that it is ok to stop eating before the plate is clear.

5) Skipping Meals ~ Do you skip important meals like breakfast? You are setting yourself up for a binge later in the day. Keep a nutrition bar or piece of fruit in your purse or car just in case you are going to miss a meal.

6) Are You Eating Junk? ~ Do you find yourself munching on chips or drinking sugar-filled sodas? These are filled with fat, sugar and calories that are keeping you fat! If you find yourself hungry for something crunchy, reach for an apple. Looking for something salty? Opt for some pretzels. Just stay away from the fat and sugar filled foods.

7) Tempting Fate ~ Do you find yourself buying a box of donuts expecting to eat just one a day and find the box gone before the end of the first day? This is because if we know it is there it will keep calling to us until we eat the whole thing. Stop putting yourself in the line of temptation! Keep the junk out of your house.

Ready to begin to learn how to eat healthier and lose the weight for good?

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My name is David Boemez and I am a formerly mega obese single-parent of two beautiful girls. While battling my own obesity demons I have performed extensive researched and found ways not only to help my own daughters but to help others who struggle with obesity as well.

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Alcohol, on the other hand, does all types of hurt to your fertility, so keep away from it altogether. And don’t even believe about using recreational drugs – these are recognized to minimize fertility and adversely have an impact on a woman’s ovulation. Keep in mind the rule of thumb mentioned earlier: Get treatment of your self initial, and then look at to conceive. If you comply with this easy guideline, you’ll probably discover that conception, even just after a miscarriage, will be a lot easier.Miscarriage is one of the hardest issues for any few who are hoping to commence a relatives. The feeling of anger, ache, confusion, and extra are bound to knock on couples’ doors for a long when but it’s crucial for partners to rise over this obstacle.Forgetting the reality that you’ve misplaced a boy or girl is difficult, but a person has to inevitably experience it whilst armed with all the correct awareness this time around to guarantee a safe and sound pregnancy. Here are some suggestions for finding pregnant after a miscarriage.Acquiring pregnant after encountering a miscarriage can be tricky, specifically when a few is still emotionally unprepared. That is why the primary to obtaining pregnant even after dropping a baby by means of miscarriage is by making certain that your lifestyle is as no cost from worry as feasible, may possibly it be physical, psychological, or emotional stress. Worry is a disadvantage amid women who are attempting to conceive so it’s critical to see out for factors that could trigger stress in one’s life.Additional suggestions for gaining pregnant after a miscarriage consist of a pay a visit to to the doctor. Just after a miscarriage, its doubly essential for couples to be extra mindful in the course of pregnancy so regular visits to the medical professional can support couples be aware of the dangers that could arise. Even when couples are nonetheless arranging to conceive a baby, it would still be useful to talk to a medical doctor.Stick to these very simple ideas for receiving pregnant right after a miscarriage and you’ll be on the risk-free route to pregnancy.A miscarriage is a devastating encounter for any couple. This is some thing every woman dreads and hopes in no way occur to her. Miscarriage is anything entirely out of our management. Pregnant girl normally requires quite a few precautions to steer clear of miscarriage but it nonetheless transpires from time to time and you must know how to reduce it.It can be really frightening to get pregnant soon after miscarriage and you would seriously be anxious about the possibilities of your achievements. According to health professionals if you had a single miscarriage, your possibilities of acquiring yet another a single are not elevated. Most doctors do not suggest any checks following one miscarriage. But the paradoxical reality is gaining pregnant right after a miscarriage is a whole lot less difficult seeing that fertility – in most ladies – surges insanely but this shouldn’t be an excuse to enter pregnancy right away you should give time to the uterus for recovering fully. Moreover, this is the time to locate out what triggered the miscarriage, rectifying which, shall raise your possibilities to get pregnant by natural means and rapid in a 12 months.

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Miscarriage is a really common phenomena nowadays. Far more than 70% of married girls face this challenge. 50% of them faces it initially time in their married existence. After the first miscarriage, numerous girls develop into concerned and depressed about getting pregnant once more. Visit-Conceive Easily After Miscarriage

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Are you feeling tired and lethargic? Do you find your energy levels slumping around lunch time? Or do you wake up feeling tired? We all have days when we are feel tired. If we had a bad night’s sleep or a particularly stressful period we feel physically and mentally drained. But when you have been feeling tired over an extended period of time then the root cause of this tiredness must be dealt with before your energy levels normalise . The reasons for chronic fatigue are numerous and curing fatigue is not as simple as just getting more sleep. A full physical will help you get an accurate medical picture of your state of health.

If you suffer from fatigue or you are feeling more tired and sluggish then usual here are some 6 fatigue busters which will help you regain your energy, strength and vest for life.

Balanced diet

Diet has always played a big role in banishing tiredness. Many people eat a diet which is devoid of the proper nutrients. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will give your body the fuel it needs in order to function properly as well as give you the energy which your need. Think of your body as a machine and the food you eat as the fuel. If you do not put the proper fuel into the machine it cannot run properly. Also drink at least 2 litres of water a day to flush out toxins -which can also be a cause of tiredness.


If you are feeling tired, exercise will help you increase your energy level. Your body needs movement, so that it can circulate blood and dispose of waste. Apart from keeping your heart healthy and muscles toned exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel good.

Get lots of rest

Make sure that you have a regular sleeping pattern. Go to bed at the same time every night so that your body knows when to start winding down. This will help you fall asleep easier and more deeply. Eight hours of sleep per day is recommended.


Taking on too much responsibility can lead you to feeling tired. You must learn how to delegate as well as how to ask for help. By delegating some of your responsibilities you can prevent yourself from experiencing burn out, which happens when you are over worked and stressed.

Get organised

Many people do not realise that they feel tired due to disarray. You need to organise your living and working space to keep things running smoothly. Organisation will prevent you from spending time and energy searching for things. Clear clutter and get organised. You will see just how much energy will be freed by getting organised.


It is very important to find the time every day to meditate. Meditation helps you to relax, this state of relaxation will help you to sleep deeper and with more ease when you go to bed. A quick deep session of meditation can boost your energy significantly if you are feeling tired.

Start today and I will guarantee you that within a few short days you will start regaining your energy and vitality!

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