Certified Organic Skin Care

Certified Organic Skin Care

These days the market is flooded with skin care products, which claim to be a certified organic skin care product. The term certified organic or 100% certified organic can be misleading as products with even one certified organic ingredient are promoted in such a way that one assumes the whole product to be certified organic. Besides, non-organic ingredients, particularly essential oils, are also used in the products claiming to the organic. Thus, one should have proper information about certified organic skin care.

Certified organic skin care products generally have the following qualities:
These products have their own dispensers, which help in prevention of contamination as applicators, and fingers do not come in direct contact.

These products have a limited life (generally 18 months) thus the contents remain fresh, active and nourishing.

These products do not cause any blockage as they nourish the skin in a gentle manner. The improvement in the look and feel owes to nourishment and not to chemically induced moisturized look.

These products normally come in big containers. Instead of using separate day and night creams, use of moisturizers will be economic as they are suitable for both.

To be sure of getting a really certified organic skin care product, one must go through the printed list of ingredients. At times, the companies use the terms `natural’ and `organic’ for a product which has a carbon-based ingredient that could have been considered `natural’ a long-long time ago. Many product promoters also use terms like `derived from nature’, which can be misleading.

People who are enthusiastic towards certified organic skin care and anti-aging must pay attention to not only their food, but also to what they apply on their skin and in what atmosphere they breathe in. As skin is porous and can absorb, even if it absorbs a small quantity of toxin; with level of one’s exposure in the present day hectic schedule and over the period of time, toxins will accumulate thus making our inbuilt system unable to tackle it.

The modern life style – fast food, alcohol, free radicals, medications, pollution from electronic gadgets, synthetic clothing and home furnishings – bring very high degree of stress and adversely effect body’s flow of blood/energy and general balance.

The facts mentioned above leave no alternative other than to turn to certified organic skin care products. Luckily, public in general is now more conscious of the issue and has positive attitude towards certified organics. However, one must exercise utmost care in selection of skin care products avoiding ingredients like chemicals and synthetic products.