Trigger material? healthcool

Trigger material?  healthcool

I just read the rules of posting … what type/kind of information is thought of as "trigger material"?

on Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 2:21 am and is filed under health.

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I have no clue. Some material is more triggering for some than others. Most of what I post about in the mental health forums could be classified as triggering. It’s not triggering for me, but is for so many others.

I had a pic of a person in pain at another site (I used it for an avatar) and one person pm’d me and said it was triggering them. It was something I didn’t find triggering at all, but someone else did. So I guess we need to use discretion with everything we post.

Maybe this will help you. This is taken from the Guidelines.

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