Saving Your Eyes from Computer Radiation โ€“ Starting Now

Saving Your Eyes from Computer Radiation โ€“ Starting Now

Computer is both our daily friend and colleague. So like any friend, computer affect your life from dawn to dusk. We use it for everything – in reading, in chatting, professionally, for social networking, playing game and many more.

But we all face problems using computer for a long time. One of the most common side effect we face is ‘computer radiation’.

We all know that, right. Those who don’t know about this, you guys chill. It’s not nuclear radiation or some kind of world ending weapon or something. It’s a scientific term, that’s all.

It’s just hurts and harms your eyes, causes irritation in the eyes, reduces your eye power.

how to protect your eyes from computer

The radiation comes from the computer monitor because there are many chemical products inside the computer. The more ‘hi-tech’ your computer is, the more amount of radiation you get.

But that doesn’t mean you just stop using the advance devices or not use computer at all. This is not even a solution. We are the children of computer ‘addicted’ society. We can’t just throw it in the trash and say ‘Bon voyage’ (Good Bye).

This remind me an incident happened with one of friend. He had eye irritation. Obviously you hang out much with computers, you get that.

The doctor was telling him, “Too much time with computers, smartphones and other gadgets harm your eyes. You should avoid them.” But the funny thing is the doctor himself was watching the computer monitor continuously. Yeah, he was so into that.

So it’s clear, we can’t stop ourselves from computers. We need to save us from the ‘radiation’. “Well, not a big deal. Some very easy habits can help us out to do that.”

And this are not fixed ways like the constitution or exam rules. You can come up with your own tricks if you got enough knowledge.

1. Give rest to your eyes.

You can give your eyes some rest by taking short time to time break, when you are using the computer.

This will give your eyes some time to manage the side effects. And eventually the ‘computer’ will get some rest too, ‘more or less’.

2. Keep minimum distance from the monitor.

The minimum distance of watching something clear is 25 centimeters (0.25meters). Yeah, that’s right, I know stuffs.

To save your eyes from radiation, you need to maintain distance more than that between your eyes and the monitor.

Now, don’t start calculating it literally, that will be gross.

3. Use protective glasses if possible.

There are many gadget ‘sunglasses’ and ‘contact lenses’ in the market for protecting eyes from computer radiation.

Well not everyone likes to use this, still it’s technique.

Still there is a case that, you will look good in a sunglass and can showoff .So what say, either way it’s a win-win scenario.

4. Always keeps your eyes healthy.

The best thing you can do is to take care of your eyes. Just like taking care of babies.

Yeah, you heard it right, seriously. Your eyes are delicate, so you need to wash them regularly with fresh water.

You need to be careful that no harmful thing get into the ‘Vitreous humor’ (The Inner Layer) and the ‘Irish’ (The White Area of the eyes, not to be confused the citizens of Ireland). Told you I know stuffs.

If you have healthy eyes, they will absorb the ‘radiation’.

The best way is the own way. Apart from these ideas, you can develop your personal ways to get rid of ‘radiation’.

Either way we can have both healthy life and eyes, when we use computers as well as other devices.