Omron Body Fat Scale and Monitor Review

Omron Body Fat Scale and Monitor Review

The Omron body fat scale (Model HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor) displays the calculated value of body fat percentage using the Bioelectrical Impedance Method.

The OMRON HBF 400 Body Fat Monitor with Scale is easy to understand. The monitor displays the calculated value of body fat percentage using the BI (Bioelectrical Impedance) Method and indicates the BMI (Body Mass Index) in four ranges. Muscles, blood vessels and bones have a high water content that conducts electricity. Body fat tissue doesn''t conduct electricity as well as the other tissues in the body. The Fat Loss Monitor with Scale sends a weak electrical current (you can''t feel it) through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. It is important to maintain correct posture and consistent measuring conditions in order to get the best and most repeatable results.

Push the power switch on, set your personal data, select your personal ID number, and step onto the measurement platform. Your calculated body fat percentage and body mass index is displayed in an easy-to-see screen. The personal memory function stores up to four personal profiles so the whole family can use it at the same time, and stores the results of the last measurement taken for each personal ID number. The scale measures weight up to 330 pounds in 0.2 pound increments. Body fat percent can be measured from 5 to 60 percent in .1 percent increments.

OMRON has used research information from several hundred people to develop the formula that the Fat Loss MONITOR with Scale uses. The body fat mass and body fat percentage is calculated by a formula that includes five factors: electrical resistance, height, weight, age and gender. OMRON has collected information on people from 10 to 80 years of age in order to establish the accurate functionality of the Omron body fat scale. Measurements are customized for gender also.

Customer Reviews

Here''s what customers are saying about the Omron Body Fat Scale and Monitor:

...The scale is a little bit difficult to use if you haven''t read the instruction manual. The good news is that the manual is very easy to use and very informative. Plan on 5-10 minutes of reading time when your scale first arrives. My wife and I are both able to operate the scale and use all of its functionality...

...Price-wise, this seems like an excellent value. Also, this unit keeps all of your data in one location. So for the price, this unit was a no-brainer for me when it was time to buy a new scale after my old one stopped being consistent and accurate...

...I have been using this device for 2 years now. The good about this tool is scale that is extremely precise and gives 100% reproducible results. As for body fat monitor, I believe it is a bogus. If you just want excellent scale for this price, it is a good choice, but don''t count on body fat measurement...

...This scale looks beautiful, and I think the weight measurement is accurate, but I bought it for the body fat monitor, and that is way off. They do admit in the instruction booklet that the monitor won''t be accurate for "athletes or people with a high percentage of muscle", but I wish I''d known that before buying....nice features otherwise, and at least I can tell if I''m going up or down!...

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