Office Supplies Helping To Cure

Office Supplies Helping To Cure

Please take a break from you normal topic material for an important announcement. This deserves attention no matter the particular subject matter of the blog. And what is “this”? This is City of Hope located in Durate, California. The City of Hope is one of the top hospitals in America if not the world. It has earned the highest distinction possible by the National Cancer Institute. In its almost 100 years of existence, the City of Hope has emerged as a leader with its unique park like setting and innovative therapies made possible by aggressive on site research.

If you are unaware of the incredible works that emerge from this awesome institution, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this amazingly unique research center and hospital. The short video below is certainly a step in the right direction. I ask that you educate yourself further because having watched a love one suffer, the eradication of breast cancer is very important to me.

Having a mother who suffered from this insidious disease until her passing five years ago, I witnessed firsthand the destructive nature of this disease. With a wife, daughter, sisters, and friends, I understand more urgently the need to see a cure. Previously I was a bit oblivious to charitable drives asking for money. Like many, I was unaffected. However, with my eyes opened, I hope others see that they too have a lot to lose by sitting on the sidelines. Everyone may potentially feel the impact of what is believed to now be a curable form of cancer with just a little more time. Already it is much more treatable thanks in large part to City of Hope.

I am particularly proud that my industry, the office products industry, has since 1983 selected City of Hope for which to donate charitable contributions. Over the years the office supplies industry has contributed over $77 million dollars to help City of Hope move at break neck speed towards a cure.

As economic conditions worsen and charitable donates decrease, the major manufacturers’ of some of the best office products around like 3M, Smead, Avery, and Sanford have created some unique pink office supplies with a portion of the proceeds going directly to City of Hope. Now, just by purchasing some of the common items that are normally purchased, you can do your small part to help fund even more research. Moreover, the wonderful pink products will indicate to others your support for the cure. Men don’t be afraid to write with a pink pen (hey the ink’s still black)…the products you and other buy may help your own wife or daughter some day. Thank you City of Hope and thank you to the office products industry for doing you part to help. We now continue with our regularly scheduled blog topics.