Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training

The credit of introducing the west to kettlebell training goes to former Russian special forces trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline, who brought the technique from Russia. Many athletes, Hollywood celebrities and sportsmen are using this age old Russian technique of body building, after seeing its numerous benefits, which range from building strength, muscular endurance, to improving flexibility.

Kettlebells are handy tools which can be used in various combinations to design any and suit any exercise regime. Normally made of cast iron, these cannonball- shaped kettlebells have been used for many decades by the Russian army and security forces. Interest in kettlebell training resurfaced quite recently in the west and since then, everybody has been hooked to these kettlebells, which look like cast iron balls with a handle at the top for gripping. Kettlebells are available in varying sizes and weights up to 100 pounds.

Kettlebell training develops strength, flexibility and stability of the body, all at the same time. People feel that it also helps them to become mentally tough. Anyone can add kettlebell training to their existing workout regime or if they choose to, they can go for a full kettlebell workout to develop their overall strength. Including kettlebells to your regular workouts can help break the monotony and put some new variations in your workouts which after a time can seem too boring and tedious. Generally, 2 kettlebells (one in each hand) are usually used for a more effective workout and for this reason kettlebells should always be bought in pairs.

Most people start with kettlebells for losing weight and for muscular endurance. But kettlebell training also develops strength and flexibility. In addition, it gives an amazing cardio workout to the body which is unmatched even in a gym. High repetitive sets of kettlebell snatches can exhaust anyone completely and is a highly effective fat loss solution. A grueling kettlebell training session involving ballistic exercises like kettlebell swings, cleans, jerks, and snatches, work on all muscles of the body and are great for building strength. It is a versatile, full body workout which is simple and easy to learn and follow. Getting trained in kettlebells initially requires some guidance and supervision otherwise too much incorrect use of kettlebells can lead to strains and injuries, mostly of the wrist.

Supporters of kettlebell training believe that it is much better than traditional weight training as it is much more demanding. A good kettlebell workout routine calls for a fine muscular control and co-ordination. Swinging movement of kettlebells provides cardiovascular and strength training at one time as opposed to dumbbells which generally work on one particular muscle at one time. What’s more, kettlebells employ a vast range of motion allowing full movement of a specific body part. Most kettlebell training exercises tone up the muscles and improve the flexibility of the core body, something which dumbbells do not provide.

For building up your overall strength of the body and improving flexibility, including kettlebell training into your workout regime is a must. It requires some planning and anyone can chart their own training schedule using kettlebells. The combinations and variations that you can try out with kettlebells are endless and you can stretch your imagination. For more on kettlebell training go to:-

Jamie Lloyd is a Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Russian Kettlebells UK in London. He One of only a handful of certified Russian Kettlebell coaches in London, and is passionate about coaching kettlebells and even uses them for his own training.
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